Consultancy Services

Electrical Engineering Consultancy

HPKA Automation is an engineering consultancy in electrical design engineering. We have automated solutions for electrical engineering; we provide testing solutions for electrical systems. We offer following range of services:

  • Single line Diagram
  • Electrical load list
  • Energy Requirement Calculations
  • Data Sheets for Electrical Drives
  • Lighting Junction Box Schedule
  • Lighting Layout
  • Lighting Wiring Diagram
  • Lighting Cable Schedule
  • Electrical Bulk MTO
  • Hazardous Area Design and Classifications.

Electrical Design and Management
HPKA Automation is an Electrical Engineering Consultancy specialising in Primary, Secondary and earthing systems design. To complement our design services, we also provide Testing and commissioning services. Our engineers have a combined experience of 40 plus years in Mining, Generation, Transmission, Distribution and the Heavy Industry sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Earthing system designs require careful consideration and a thorough understanding of factors that can influence the performance of an earthing system under fault conditions. HPKA engineers areexperienced and are CDEGSTM accredited to provide high voltage earthing design services to the generation, transmission, distribution, mining and the industrial sectors.

We provide our clients with efficient designs, working within geographical constraints andrestrictions, at the same time meeting local and international safety standards (IEEE80 andAS2067). HPKA utilises the powerful software package CDEGSTM to design and review, new and existing earthing systems following the design process shown below.

The following are part of HPKA’s design capabilities:

  • Soil Resistivity testing, modelling and analysis
  • Earth grid layout design for greenfield sites
  • Design reviews of existing installations
  • Touch and step voltage assessments
  • Determination of earth potential rise (EPR) contours
  • Earthing impedance calculations
  • Maximum earth grid voltage rise calculations
  • Fault current splits calculations over OHEWs and cable screens
  • Fault current distribution in concrete reinforcing or rebar
  • Minimum conductor sizing

SIL Verification Consultancy

HPKA provides SIL verification to ensure that SIS design meets target integrity levels, including considerations of architectural constraints, realistic proof test intervals, and diagnostic and manual test coverage and mission times.

The verification can be completed using QRA techniques such as fault tree analysis and/or Markovmodelling. SIFs are verified using accurate failure rate data from client/vendors and industry databases.


Instrumentation and Control System Consultancy

HPKA is an engineering consultancy specializing in Instrumentation and control system. We design and develop customized solutions incorporating popular brands of DCS, PLCs, Drives, SCADA and Networks. We offer following range of services:

  • Study of the process and customer requirement
  • Selection of hardware
  • Development of software
  • Integration of the system & FAT
  • Installation & SAT
  • Training of customer personnel, Instrumentation Design and Implementation
  • Control Systems Training and educational services
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • SCADA, Remote Telemetry (RTU) and Flow Metering Systems
  • Review of electrical equipment condition and suitability
  • Equipment selection and procurement Cabling design
  • Power systems design for control and computer equipment
  • Electrical equipment integration into supervisory control systems (SCADA)
  • Electrical drafting services
  • Cost Estimation & Management
  • Implementation Strategies, Project Scheduling
  • Installation Management & Supervision
  • Design and Test QMS Procedures


  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Fire and Gas Detection Systems
  • RTU, SCADA / PLC systems
  • Field instrumentation and field device networks
  • Local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN)
  • Process control strategies
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Radio Telemetry
  • Fibre Networks
  • Wireless Instrumentation

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